Center Of Attention 360° Video Booth Rental in Kansas City

Looking for a Unique Reception Idea to Make Your Party Stand Out?

Surprise Your Guests With a 360 Video Booth Rental For Your Kansas City Event

Are you looking for a way to make your reception extra? Your first thought might be a photo booth rental in Kansas City. Photo booths are fun because your guests get fun pictures to commemorate the event. Lots of brides choose a photobooth. You may have even found yourself in a photo booth and felt inspired to rent your own. A photo booth rental is a simple, basic, predictable choice.

Make Your Wedding KC Reception More Fun

If you are looking for something to offer your guests more than the expected skip photo booth rental. Instead, put your guests at the center of attention with a 360 video booth. Treat your guests to a brief stroll up the red carpet and onto the 360 pedestal.

Center of Attention 360 Camera catches everything from glamorous dresses to epic dance moves. Instead of holding still for the photobooth, your guests are encouraged to interact with each other as the camera safely spins around them.

Make Your Wedding Sharable and Unforgettable

Guests waiting their turn on the red carpet will be inspired and entertained by watching a stream of the videos created before them. Each video in the slide show has a scannable QR code for sharing.

Make your reception unique and unforgettable with a custom overlay on all the videos. After the party is over, you will get a private link to all the videos from the big night.

Let Center of Attention 360 in Kansas City make your guests feel special by making your reception more fun, shareable and unforgettable. Find our pricing info here and text or call Liz 417-225-8165 for availability. The fun starts as low as $300.

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